SEREDINA NEBA (Middle Of Heaven or Medium Coeli) is a band founded in 2004 by bass-guitarist Vladimir Gochua (ex - Jah Division, now he's also a member of Paperny TAM, LamBOPS etc.) and Alevtina Popova, a professional singer and an actress. The first members of the band's staff also were: Daniil Lentsi - drums (Paperny TAM), Dmitry "Roshele" Yarosh - guitar (Jah Division) and Natalya Lentsi - keyboards.

This staff of the band prepared its first concert repertory and for the first time performed it on August 24, 2004 in Tochka club in Moscow.

Soon Natalya Lentsi was replaced by Yevgeny Babaichev, the keyboarder and accordionist from Jah Division, and after that Andrey Nesterov (alto sax), another member of Jah Division, had joined the band. Vladimir Burmistrov from Jah Noise System took the place at the drum set.

On May, 2006, SEREDINA NEBA had issued the album "Podnimayus'..." ("I'm Rising Up..."), the result of almost two years of the band's activity. Only twelve pieces from several tens of songs after the hardest choice and live concert testing formed this album.

In January, 2007, Alevtina Popova left the band. Now SEREDINA NEBA frontwoman is Nadezhda Palamesheva. In 2008 Vladimir Burmistrov was replaced by Yevgeny Terenov and Konstantin Osokin from LamBOPS for some time joined the band as a second guitarist.

On April 16, 2009, Yevgenii Babaichev, the keyboarder and accordeonist of SEREDINA NEBA, tragically died. Now SEREDINA NEBA has got a new member: Elena Lunina (violine and backing vocals).

In 2009 SEREDINA NEBA's first drummer Daniil Lentsi returned to the band. In 2010 the band was enforced by the second guitarist Jackob "Uncle Yasha" Ermasch (Jackob Blues Band)

On November, 2010, the band had been re-unioned with its first frontwoman Alevtina Popova. At the same time the band got a new drummer - Igor Oding (Green Tea)

SEREDINA NEBA successfully plays concerts in clubs of Moscow, and not only in Moscow. Now the band is preparing to start the recording of its second album.



SEREDINA NEBA's music is based on Caribbean rhytms: Reggae, Ska, Dub, Disco etc., but the band combines these rhytms with Russian melodic and Russian lyrics. Besides, the musicians of SEREDINA NEBA experiment with elements of Ethno-Pop, Rock music, Folk music, Bard songs etc. They determine this style as art-reggae. However SEREDINA NEBA's songs are not overloaded with the arrangement - the highlighted features are melodies, lyrics and bright, enchanting voice of the singer. Moreover, besides the vocal potentialities SEREDINA NEBA's frontwoman is characterized by splendid artistry and scenic charm.

SEREDINA NEBA's permanent status is search: composing of the new songs, renewing of the concert repertoir. The musical luggage of the band is large and its contents are various. That's why SEREDINA NEBA's performances are seldom congener to each other. Moreover, sometimes the band performs acoustic or half-acoustic program.



Alevtina Popova - vocals
Vladimir "Bob" Gochua - bass guitar, music, lyrics
Dmitry "Roshele" Yarosh - guitars
Elena Lunina - violine, backing vocals
Igor Oding - drums, percussion
Jackob "Uncle Yasha" Ermasch - lead guitar



Some tracks in mp3:

A Bird (5.0 MB) (I'm a bird flying home from South to North, and no one can stop me...)

A Carriage (5.2 MB) (Give me a carriage, and I'll go away to distant beautiful land... away from my bitter love...)

Lullaby For My Darling (4.9 MB) (Sleep, my darling, and be sure that the day of tomorrow belongs to you...)

Whole album "Podnimayus'...":


download (61,42 MB .rar)

Some video:

October 4, 2007, Kitaisky Lyotchik Jao Da club (live)

May 2007, V Kontse Kontsov festival (live)



SEREDINA NEBA's community on LiveJournal



Phone: +7-963-617-1148 - Vladimir



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